About Dustin Monke

After more than 15 years in journalism marked by long days, even longer nights, countless awards, and the cultivation of friendships and relationships that will last a lifetime — starting with my hometown weekly newspaper and followed by more than a decade as a sports writer, sports editor and editor in Forum Communications Co., primarily at The Dickinson Press — I stepped away from the industry to pursue different career opportunities.

I spent a year and a half at the North Dakota Department of Agriculture as its Marketing and Information Division Director. While I cherished the valuable experience gained there, I quickly realized working for government isn’t for creative minds, and especially not for me. But I did discover working in the marketing field was right up my alley. So, I returned to Dickinson, N.D., to becoming the Marketing Manager for Baker Boy, an innovative manufacturer of premium baked goods and one heck of a great place to come to work every morning. (Why? We make the best donuts in America!)

DustinMonke.com serves a few purposes. First and primarily, it’s an archive for many of the feature articles, columns and more important stories I wrote during my journalism career. Beginning in 2019, however, it’ll also become a personal blog, journal and outlet for my writing projects. You’ll primarily be seeing sports stories I write for the new Heart River Voice monthly free newspaper available in Stark County, though I will also begin blogging about fatherhood, sports and life.

Thanks for stopping by!

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