Soccer is a sport worth watching

As someone who spent nearly a decade watching sports for a living, I can tell you without pause that if you like sports at all, you should be watching World Cup soccer.

Now, first off, I won’t call it football. It may be football to the rest of the world, but here, to all of us, it’s soccer.

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A dog’s retirement home

Almost a year ago, we decided to get another dog. Not in the traditional sense either. Only nine months after we had adopted Noodle, our schnoodle puppy that some of you may have read about in previous columns, we “adopted” Donovan, my sister-in-law’s 13-year-old chiweenie. Sarah likes to call our home his retirement home.

Don is a military dog. Sarah’s sister was reassigned to Washington, D.C., for training, and the place where she and her daughter would be living wasn’t set up for pets.

On top of that, she is scheduled to be transferred overseas this year, which made it nearly impossible for her to keep Don without jumping through some huge hoops. So she turned to us, knowing all the moving combined with Don’s age wouldn’t work for him.

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Man injured in Dickinson trailer park shooting incident

A shooter is still at large after a 41-year-old man was shot early Friday morning during an attempted burglary at a Dickinson trailer park, the Dickinson Police Department reported.

According to a police statement, an adult male, who concealed his face and was armed with a “long gun,” arrived at a camper being used as a permanent residence at Heather’s Villa Trailer Park at the 1100 block of Third Avenue West. The suspect demanded money and drugs before firing a number of rounds into the camper after a brief altercation at the doorway.

The suspect “quickly fled the area on foot,” according to a police statement.

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Meth lab busted: Drug was made in cooler at Relax Inn

Photo by April Baumgarten
Emergency responders carry a cooler allegedly used as a methamphetamine lab from a room at the Relax Inn in Dickinson on Thursday, where a couple was arrested for cooking the drug.

A man and a woman were arrested Thursday after allegedly making methamphetamine in a Dickinson hotel room where they had been staying.

Dickinson Police were alerted to the situation after owners and the manager of the Relax Inn confronted the two people, whose names were not immediately released, about reports of suspicious activity happening in the room. Eventually, the owners contacted authorities.

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Obama visit nice, short of what was needed

President Barack Obama visits with young Native American dancers on Friday during the Cannon Ball Flag Day Celebration in Cannon Ball.

President Barack Obama’s visit to North Dakota and the Standing Rock Indian Reservation on Friday may have been historic, but it was also everything we imagined it would be. It was short, sweet and about as basic as it could have been.

When Obama speaks, he tends to go one of two ways. Either he’s bold, authoritative and makes memorable statements, or he plays it safe and speaks to his political base. He went the latter route in his visit to the reservation, which wasn’t surprising. Obama didn’t take much of a risk coming to Standing Rock.

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