Obama visit nice, short of what was needed

President Barack Obama visits with young Native American dancers on Friday during the Cannon Ball Flag Day Celebration in Cannon Ball.

President Barack Obama’s visit to North Dakota and the Standing Rock Indian Reservation on Friday may have been historic, but it was also everything we imagined it would be. It was short, sweet and about as basic as it could have been.

When Obama speaks, he tends to go one of two ways. Either he’s bold, authoritative and makes memorable statements, or he plays it safe and speaks to his political base. He went the latter route in his visit to the reservation, which wasn’t surprising. Obama didn’t take much of a risk coming to Standing Rock.

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It is worth inviting Obama to North Dakota

In late June, I wrote a somewhat satirical column that generated more praise, criticism, website hits and social media chatter than anything I have ever written.

People still talk to me about it today.

It’s title: “Dear Mr. President, an invitation to visit North Dakota.”

I used sharply pointed — call it snarky, because a few of you already have — humor to breach the subject of why Obama has not visited North Dakota during his presidency and why he rarely, if ever, mentions the state despite all the positive things happening here.

Some people loved it. Others wanted my head on a platter. A few joked that my name is probably on a few watch lists and my application to MSNBC had been thrown in the trash.

But the invitation wasn’t real. I never sent it to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. It was only meant to raise a point.

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