Press named best small daily in North Dakota

The North Dakota Newspaper Association's General Excellence and Sweepstakes awards were given to The Dickinson Press on Friday night.
The North Dakota Newspaper Association’s General Excellence and Sweepstakes awards were given to The Dickinson Press on Friday night.

BISMARCK — The Dickinson Press was named the state’s best small daily newspaper during a ceremony Friday night at the Heritage Center.

The Press claimed the North Dakota Newspaper Association’s General Excellence and Sweepstakes awards for daily newspapers with a circulation of 12,000 or less — the highest honors given in the category. The newspaper also won the most individual first-place and total awards in both the editorial and advertising contents.

Press Publisher Harvey Brock said winning these honors “just reaffirms what I already know — that I’m privileged to work with a team of professionals who go about the business of putting out the best paper possible every day. We’re blessed to work for a company that gives us the training, resources and a culture to succeed. Congratulations to everyone.”

Managing Editor Dustin Monke won five first-place awards and reporter Andrew Brown won two in the editorial contest. Reporters Nadya Faulx, Bryan Horwath and Meaghan MacDonald, and Sports Editor Royal McGregor each claimed one first-place award.

“Our staff deserves all the credit for the awards they received,” Monke said. “They put in long hours — working nights and weekends — and tackled a variety of challenging stories in 2014. I’m proud of their efforts and am glad to see their hard work has been recognized.”

Advertising consultant David Hanson won two first-place honors in the advertising contest, while consultants Nikki Baer, Jenn Binstock, Sam Cunningham and Sonya Sacks each won one award in the advertising contest.

“Great advertising always sells advertising, and getting awards is always nice for the team. It validates that what they do is very, very important,” Press Advertising Director Bob Carruth said.

The General Excellence award factors in a newspaper’s reporting, editing, headlines, photography, design, advertising and production from three selected days. The judges commented on The Press’ “excellent news reporting, writing, editing.”

The Sweepstakes honor is given to the newspaper with the most awards in its circulation category, and is determined by a weighted point system. The Press won 20 first-place awards, 18 second places, 17 third places and eight honorable mentions across all categories.

Click below for a full list of award-winners.

Editorial awards

Reporting: Second place, Katherine Lymn, “Every second counts.” Honorable mention, Bryan Horwath, “From the ashes.”

Reporting series: First place, Andrew Brown, “Dickinson State University Foundation Investigation.” Honorable mention, The Dickinson Press Staff, “Trinity High School Fire and Aftermath.”

Feature Reporting: First place, Dustin Monke, “A long night remembered.” Second place, Andrew Brown, “Taking flight.” Third place, “The buzz about bees,” Linda Sailer.

Feature Reporting Series: First place, Nadya Faulx, “St. Joseph’s Hospital Retrospective.” Second place, April Baumgarten, Bryan Horwath, “Kat Perkins on ‘The Voice.’”

Government Reporting: First place, Andrew Brown and Anna Burleson “University System seeks Legislature’s approval.” Honorable mention, Bryan Horwath, “War on Coal?”

Government Reporting Series: Third place: Bryan Horwath, “Keystone XL.” Honorable mention, April Baumgarten, “EPA and the Waters of the U.S.”

Sports News: First place, Bryan Horwath, “Fire shuts down Trinity High.”

Business News Reporting: First place, Dustin Monke, “Geeks of the Badlands.” Third place, Linda Sailer, “Victory at Cupcake Wars.”

Sports Page/Section: Second place, Royal McGregor and Meaghan MacDonald.

Sports Reporting: First place, Meaghan MacDonald, “Learning from a champion.” Third place, Royal McGregor, “Photo finish.”

Sports Reporter Series: Third place, Meaghan MacDonald, “Dickinson State coaches”

Sports Feature: Second place, Meaghan MacDonald, “Comeback kid.”

Editorial: Second place, Harvey Brock, Dustin Monke and April Baumgarten.

Editorial Page: First place, Dustin Monke and The Press Staff.

Standing News Front: Second place, Linda Sailer, “Accent: Through Glass eyes.” Third place, Royal McGregor, “Outdoors: Training to win.”

Personal Column, Serious: First place, Dustin Monke, “It’s all worth it in the end.” Second place, April Baumgarten, “Remember how they were.” Third place, Harvey Brock, “Veterans deserve more.”

Personal Column, Humorous: First place, Dustin Monke, “Noodle vs. The Bunny.” Second place, Harvey Brock, “My wife’s dachshund dog, Pressley.” Honorable mention, April Baumgarten, “How to survive a zombie apocalypse in western ND.”

Special News Section: First place, The Dickinson Press staff, “Progress 2014: Growing Forward.”

Section/Feature Front Design: Honorable mention, Dustin Monke, “Progress Introduction: Building Tomorrow.”

Informational Graphics: Third place, April Baumgarten, “Through the Facebook mill.”

Overall Design Excellence: Third Place, The Dickinson Press staff.


Photography awards

News Photo: Second place, Nadya Faulx, “The family’s back.”

Spot News Photo: Third place, Dustin Monke, “Fire displaces family,”

Feature Photo: Second place, Dustin Monke, “Dickinson mayor takes ice bucket challenge.” Third place, Nadya Faulx, “Color me fun.”

Sports Photo: First place, Royal McGregor, “Photo finish.”

Pictorial Photo: Third place, Dustin Monke, “Sunset in western North Dakota”

Portrait Photo: Second place, April Baumgarten, “Kat Perkins comes home.”

Agricultural Photo: Second place, April Baumgarten, “Weather boosts harvest.”

Outdoor Recreation Photo: Second place, Royal McGregor, “Picking up wins.”


Advertising awards

Food Ad: First place, David Hanson, “Players Sports Bar & Grill – Pizza.”

Entertainment/Liquor Ad: First place, Sam Cunningham, “Liquor Warehouse.” Third place, David Hanson, “Players Sports Bar & Grill – Draft Beer.”

Apparel Ad: Second place, Jenn Binstock, “Special Occasions.” Third place, David Hanson, “Wanner Western Wear – Tony Lama Boots.”

Outdoors/Sports Ad: Third place, David Hanson, “Custom Stripes – Now Open.”

Single Ad: Third place, Sonya Sacks, “Downtown Dickinson for Christmas.”

Ad Series: First place, Sonya Sacks, “Expo 2014.”

Small Space Ad: First place, David Hanson, “Edward Schwartz Construction.” Second place, Sam Cunningham, “Liquor Warehouse – Jack Daniels.”

Health Care Ad: First place, Jenn Binstock, “Bismarck Cancer Center.” Second place, David Hanson, “St Joseph’s – Nurses Week.”

Political Ad: Second place, David Hanson, “Kenny LaRocque – Everyone Welcome.” Honorable mention, Jenn Binstock, “District 37 Democrats.”

Agricultural Ad: Third place, Jenn Binstock, “Prairie Implement.”

Promo of Newspaper – Advertising: First place, Nikki Baer, “Christmas Storybook Winners.”

Promo of Newspaper – Readership: Honorable mention, Justin Niles, “Prize Puzzle.”

Signature Page: First place, Press Staff, “Place to Worship – Thanksgiving edition.”


Author: Dustin Monke

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