If you want Trump to win, I can’t help you

Here’s some thoughts I had after watching the Republican presidential candidate debates on Thursday night:

— Jeb Bush is in the race because someone told him to be, though he looks like he’d rather be home watching TV.

— Rand Paul isn’t much of a hugger.

— Marco Rubio could likely be our first Latino president — just maybe not in 2016.

— There are 17 so-called Republicans who want to be president. Seventeen!!! It’s crazy. More than half of them should go home now because they can’t win, a couple of the underdogs should get more attention because they deserve it and there may actually be a president in the bunch. (Maybe.) That said …

— That potential president sure as heck isn’t Donald Trump — and the people who think otherwise are part of the problem we have with choosing leaders in this country.

Trump is charismatic. He says what he wants, not what’s politically correct. He attacks the left. He attacks the right. He hates the media. He also makes some polarizing statements a big segment of this country agrees with.

But he can’t, shouldn’t and won’t be President of the United States, Commander in Chief and leader of the free world.

Many potential voters have gravitated toward Trump because a lot of what he’s saying, they truly believe. Heck, I agree with a few things he says. But if you actually listen to Trump, you’ll discover that not only is he hyperbolic, he doesn’t really say anything of substance. He’s a headline, not a paragraph.

He dodged nearly every question he was asked in Thursday’s debate, and like a certain man who sits in the Oval Office is a genius at, he dodged them deftly through his deployment of humor and bravado.

Trump benefits greatly from the segment of Republican voters who dislike President Barack Obama soooo much that they are more than willing to side with anyone who outwardly blasts the president and his policies, regardless of whether or not that person has any clue how to actually run a country.

If we’ve learned anything in recent presidencies, it’s that charisma and quips don’t always equate to a great leader. While Trump is at times appealing, he’s not a true leader and he sure isn’t presidential. Find out more by Googling “Trump comments about women.”

Despite Trump saying nearly nothing Thursday that he hadn’t already said, and being his basic and best bombastic self, many website polls — which, keep in mind, aren’t scientifically accurate — had him winning the debate with about one-third of the votes.

Also keep in mind that Trump had trouble defending his negatives without deflecting attention off himself, something many of the other candidates were able to do just fine. That should tell you a lot about what you need to know about him.

Some, including right-wing bloggers and journalists, thought the Fox News moderators — Megyn Kelly, in particular — were too tough on Trump and many of the other Republican candidates.

Really? Well, too bad. This isn’t pattycake. This is serious business. This country could use more political debates where the big, glaring negative of each candidate is immediately brought out into the open for them to defend.

The funny thing is those some bloggers and journalists probably hope to see that brand of tenacious questioning of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders when the Democrats debate. Who knows if they’ll get it?

For the people who are in the Trump camp today, I urge you to do your research on the man and fi nd out more about him.

There aren’t just a few skeletons in his closet, there’s a whole graveyard. If you do that and you still don’t care, or are just too engrossed in this reality show that is “The Donald,” then I can’t help you.

Author: Dustin Monke

Former newspaper editor. Now I market the best baked goods and donuts in America. But every once in a while, I write a cool story too.

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