Picking next mayor a process: Dickinson residents have 15 days to form petition for special election

At an open house honoring Dennis Johnson’s time as mayor of Dickinson on Thursday, a man walked up to City Commissioner Gene Jackson and said, “Well hello, Mr. Mayor.”

Jackson quickly corrected the man.

Though the Dickinson City Commission’s vice president will serve as acting commission president for Monday night’s regular commission meeting, there are a few steps the city must take before Dickinson officially names its next mayor.

“The clock starts ticking” today, said City Administrator Shawn Kessel.
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Dickinson mayor Dennis Johnson to resign at end of October

Dickinson’s mayor of more than 15 years said he is resigning at the end of the month.

Dennis Johnson
Dennis Johnson

Dennis Johnson, who has overseen the city’s growth since well before the start of the Bakken oil boom, said Monday during a regular city commission meeting that his position on the MDU Resources Group board of directors has created a conflict that is forcing him to choose between either remaining Dickinson’s city commission president or keeping his spot on MDU’s board.

“The annual amount of business between the City of Dickinson and MDU Resources and its subsidiaries is reaching an amount that exceeds the standards set by the New York Stock Exchange, and would result in me being designated a non-independent director,”
Johnson said at the meeting while reading from a prepared statement.
“If I am no longer an independent director, I have to leave the MDU Resources board. I prefer to remain on the MDU Resources board.”
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