Rebels with a vision: Brothers open shop specializing in cylinder repair

Ryan Rebel, left, and Ross Rebel, right, show off one of their machines that repairs cylinder heads during a walkthrough of Rebel Customs on Feb. 6 in Taylor.

TAYLOR — Inside the newest building in this tiny town along Highway 10 sits Ryan Rebel’s pet project: a 1944 Ford pickup truck.

It’s nothing special yet, but the 21-year-old takes pride in it. He has been working on the truck since he was in high school.

As he stood back to describe and admire the truck — something of a collector’s item as World War II all but halted the production of Ford pickups that year — Ryan described what it takes to restore a vehicle like that.

“You’ve got to have a vision when you start something like that,” he said. “When you start with some frame rails on the garage floor, you’ve got to have something in your mind — what you want it to look like when you’re done.”

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